New Arena is not thought out.


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    Yea, and you also have those few in top spots always crying like little children when others play fair and dont change their defense to easy teams.  This SS shows those in my top CA.  The players at #2 and #4 I believe are little kids known as Gator King and (MKA) Maverick whining about LVT playing as the game intended.  No one has to change their teams just cause you suck at playing,and dont whine when they play your teams simply cause your closer in their rank. These players changed their names several times complaining like children.  Yesterday they did the same to another that passed them temporarily. They constantly crying about others that dont lower defense to help them.  Get a life.  These 2 suck so badly that they need each other to lower teams to 20K teams. And dont claim you dont suck when others around you can rank higher without taking advantage of your crap. CA arena needs adjusting.  And those that cant rank higher by fair play due to sucking at the game, a mobile swipe game nonetheless, throw tantrums. Grow up already.  WB just needs to lock defense teams at start of each arena start to stop all of this.

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