Way to go. You killed the game finally


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    WB Gamer

    Since they admitted on Twitter that they broke the game they have made 15 separate posts, none of which address or acknowledge the issues.

    Darkseid was added for one reason alone, to get people to buy gems in search of the elusive shards. But her, ot os a whopping .75 chance to get him, so haven't they made things better?

    Then there is the new Champion's Arena. Responding to customer feedback? I think this picture illustrates the real reason:

    Greed has always been their problem, and now it has gotten out of control.

    You are so right about the old forums. It was a thriving place. This replacement was supposed to be an improvement. They touted how much better support would be, and how we would have a direct link. Instead they give out instructions on how to initiate a ticket. If you've played this game for a week you probably have at least one ticket open because they haven't bothered to respond.

    Their greed is driving away their customers. Loyal, longtime, paying customers who have finally had enough.

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