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    ya, just releasing SHITTY new chars instead of fixing bugs. WE CAN'T EVENT PLAY

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    Thats another issue in and of itself, but that needs to be addressed ASAP as well.  I know many that havent been able to play since the last update due to crashing, or just cant enter the game at all.  Not sure what is  going on with some iphone6 players for instance since some arent impacted at all, but many say that havent been able to play for awhile now. The devs priorities are all messed up. 

    Things such as this should be a sign to players that communicate online in their groups to come together and stop buying crap until things are fixed, but sadly too many are addicted to the game to the point that they needlessly spend and play all the time to be "the best", be the highest in champs arena or the OG arena, or have things first in a mobile game.  Yet when its their turn when issues effect them, watch how they all will complain. Cause with this company, its not a matter of IF the issue of not being able to play will hit you.  Its WHEN will it hit your account.

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    WB Gamer

    Developers are out of touch with their fan base.  Their logic in how they are dealing with this game now is beyond me. 

    Developers you should go back to your team, talk with whoever implements these ridiculous money grabs, talk with whomever calls these (asinine) shots in your team, and pretend you are a consumer with some disposable income that you have available to invest in your entertainment -

          - Would you continue to invest money into a product that was becoming less and less enjoyable?  No.

          - If you're not into regularly gambling (or gambling at all), would you risk your money time and time again just to                   chance getting something you want?  No. 

          - If the product improved and your money was well spent (ie you get what you pay for) would you become a repeat          customer? Yes

    That is most of your player base right there. Granted there are MANY more questions you should ask yourselves, but money is your top priority obviously.

    Even with disposable income, most of your players will just pocket the money they would invest in your products, or spend elsewhere seeing how you are turning this into nothing more than a game of chance when it comes to fun, and building/growing in game.  You want to generate more money, put your big boy pants on and learn how to market and sell things to your entire base in a smart way, not just the gambling addicts that throw ridiculous money (or hacks) at the game to get a card maxed before anyone else. You're leaving money on the table due to pure stupidity, greed, and being willfully ignorant to what would make people enjoy your product now and in the future.

    tl;dr - People pay more when they enjoy something, less when they dont.  Oh, and your stupidity is showing.

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