What is wrong with you people?



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    WB Gamer

    The above post is the perfect example of how crappy their so called customer service is.  Closing tickets constantly without offering any support and unwilling to communicate with their customers/players. 

    Another example is that they are now blocking some people that have posted anything negative but true about the game and its issues from posting on this forum.  So far 3 accounts of mine as well as half of my league can no longer access their accounts on this forum since we posted negative feedback about the game issues, primarily crashing. 

    At least apple is taking note of these scammers actions lately.  I know many that have bought items like the elite card, yet lose gems daily due to crashing and customer service does nothing. 

    This company is nothing more than a scam at this point. 

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    WB Gamer

    So daam right. ive many crash issues too and no help and that was the answer:

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    WB Gamer

    My favorite is when support tells you to come here and "join the discussion with the developers".

    When have you ever seen the devs discuss anything on the forums?

    When have you seen anyone from the company "discuss" anything on the forums?

    To show you how bad support is, and how little they pay attention, after dismissing my concerns with the usual "forwarded to the game team" crap they sent me this gem;

    You can also join the discussion with the developers and other players by visiting the forums at


    If you've any game related question, please feel free to contact us anytime.


    That link, btw, is for Game of Thrones and Westworld games.

    They are offering so-called solutions, which are just meant to placate the masses, and don't even know which game they are discussing.


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