Devs are beyond ridiculous



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    Are you guys really getting mad just because they fixed an infinite combo thing ? 

    The actual backdash helps dodging skills more efficienctly, because yeah, you can also dodge the SPs instead of just blocking.

    iOS arena glitch is because of how iOS works while the game is in background, and I don't know how it makes your game harder, stop thinking that your arena is 99% made of iOS user that know about the glitch, that's getting ridiculous.

    And I don't know who are those people that are having problems, but the problem is certainly not coming from the game, I've NEVER got a big problem since I'm playing for now nearly 2 years, so yeah, if you have an old phone or a bad wifi you likely won't be able to log in the game.


    Instead of just telling NRS is shit or crap like that, give a real feedback, a feedback isn't "this game is shit cause I can't infinite combo".

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    Oh look.  A dumba$$ that cant read and defends these moron devs.  The issue isnt about removing infinite combo.  That had to go and I agree with that.  The issue is their lazy fix to "remove" IC.  The back dash does not in fact help in any way.  Look around.  The majority of players are NOT having any fun with this change.  Get your head out of the devs A$$.

    iOS glitch is BS.  Im an ios player and am always in top 50 of a2 arena and dont utilize the glitch.  Point seems to be that it gives a clear advantage to iOS players who can rank higher, even than those with a better roster.  Points is what makes arena rank. 


    The problems are in fact coming from the game.  Their own customer support even confirmed to me they are inundated with contant issues and admitted that every one that my league has is due to THEIR SERVER ISSUES

    So good for you moron that you defend a moronic group of devs that ignore their players and the issues.  Players  have been giving feedback for years now.  Get off their D

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    I will say ive never been a fan of the infinite combo thing but aside from that ever since the update the game feels extremely clunky, unresponsive, and akward like to the point I havent even enjoyed playing it and am on the verge of quiting due to it.  Its like the tried to fix the glitch and pander to the whiney lil bia's crying about it and went to far and messed the game up making it worst.  This is on top of before the update I rarely ever had connection or lag issues and now it seems like its a constant part of the game.  It seems the only thing that the devs gave a crap about was to get their inbox to stop filling up with whiney cry babies that couldnt nail down the infinite combo thing and upset that the ppl they were playing against could. 

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